Nitto - Subaru EJ20/25 Stroker Kits

Options: SUBARU EJ20 2.2L (H-BEAM RODS / 92.5MM BORE)
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EJ20/25 Stroker Kits

Part Number Bore Connecting Rod Capacity
NIT-STK-EJ20I 92.5MM/+0.020" I-beam 2.2L
NIT-STK-EJ20H 92.5MM/+0.020" H-beam 2.2L
NIT-STK-EJ25I 100MM/+0.020" I-Beam 2.6L
NIT-STK-EJ25H 100M/+0.020" H-Beam 2.6L

The EJ platform is legendary among the JDM community. This engine has been through a multitude of variations and iterations, and we have created stroker kits for two of the most popular variations of the engine. We serve the EJ20 community with a 2.2L stroker kit featuring the full kit of pistons, connecting rods and the crankshaft. Similarly, for the EJ25 we also have a 2.6L stroker kit which comes complete with pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft.

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