Nitto - RB30 SOHC High Compression Standard Stroke Pistons

Options: RB30/SOHC - 86.5MM/+0.020
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RB30 SOHC High Compression Standard Stroke Pistons

Our whole piston range is manufactured by CP Carrillo, based in California, USA. CP Carrillo are a subsidiary of Pankl Racing who are an Austrian automotive components manufacturer that manufacture components for the highest levels of motorsport including Formula 1, Le Mans Prototypes and Moto GP just to name a few. This means that every Nitto piston benefits from world leading technologies and processes that are passed from Pankl onto CP.

Nitto pistons are made to our own specifications in conjunction with CP Carrillo and are cut from CP’s low silicon content 2618 aluminium and Turbo HD forging (where applicable). Additionally, our pistons are accompanied by a PVD coated ring set which deliver the best bore sealing capabilities for boosted applications, eliminating virtually all blow by while reducing the friction against the cylinder wall. As part of the piston kit, CP’s upgraded 9310 material wrist pins are standard across our range. The pins are 100% Rockwell tested, case hardened and cryogenically treated in order to enhance their material grain structure and overall strength.

All Nitto pistons also come standard with additional features such as forced double pin oiling which is essential to keep the wrist pin well lubricated. Anti-detonation grooves are also included. Anti detonation grooves reduce piston to wall contact under high load and also protect the top ring by disrupting the detonation waves. Finally, another feature that is standard across our piston range are the accumulator grooves. Accumulator grooves accumulate residual gasses from combustion which alleviate top ring flutter and premature second ring wear, improving ring seal.

All of these features combine to create the world beating pistons that boast multiple world records across multiple categories in drag racing and circuit racing.

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