Nitto - Nissan RB Sine Drive Oil Pump

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Sine Drive Oil Pump

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Note: Every single oil pump is hand assembled and tested in house!

Although we still stand firm by our Flat Drive oil pump, giving people choice as to what they wanted is paramount. This is our alternative to the regular flat drive system, and we welcome you to our Sine Drive oil pump, an exclusive Nitto design. The Sine Drive was named due to its appearance as a sine wave. Being an 11 tooth system, we sought to devise a system more reliable than the conventional splines and flat drives, and through extensive bench testing and on track testing, we found this to be our preferred drive system for the RB oil pump. The Sine Drive has proven time and time again that it is more than capable of withstanding the punishment of circuit racing, drag racing and all of the difficulties that are inherent with those forms of motorsport such as 2 step/anti lag and hard acceleration and deceleration actions.

The oil pump kit comes complete with the gasket and front seal.

*Requires our exclusive Sine Drive collar

Check the video down below from Motive Video to hear Jim speak about our Sine Drive oil pump.

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