Nitto - Nissan RB Flat Drive Crank Collar

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Flat Drive Crank Collar

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Our extended crank collar is one of the most cost effective, yet most effective modifications you can make in order to enhance the reliability of your car. It has been well documented that the earlier variations of the standard RB26 crankshafts were characterised as the "short snout" crankshafts due to the shorter snout and collar. This characteristic was largely responsible for the premature wear and consequent destruction of many standard oil pumps over the years and this is our solution.

Made from high tensile 709 steel, this extended crank collar's main feature is that the longer drive surface aids in enhancing the reliability of your oil pump and engine, by giving the inner gear of the oil pump a larger surface to bind onto and drive the oil pump. Even many of the best RB shops in the world are avid users of our flat crank collars for their high power builds due to the strength and reliability they offer. Additionally, the 709 material is strong and durable, so the edges of the flat drives on the collar do not wear away under high stress. The collar kit comes complete with M6 grub screws in order to lock the collar into place on the crankshaft. Each collar is hand checked and tested by a Nitto technician, ensuring that our specifications are met.

NOTE: All long drive RB crankshafts (including aftermarket collars and RB26 S2) are not compatible with standard RB30 oil pumps

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