Nitto - Nissan RB Crank Gear Set

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RB Crank Gear Set

Part Number Includes
NIT-CRGR-SETRB Full kit, inc. crank gear, woodruff keys and plates
NIT-CRGR-KEYRB Billet woodruff keys
NIT-CRGR-OPLRB Billet outer plate
NIT-CRGR-IPLRB Billet inner plate
NIT-CRGGEAR-GEAR Billet crankshaft gear
Here we have our Billet RB series Timing Gear and Washer Kit. The kit has been designed and manufactured with high horsepower, high revving RB and Nitto stroker drag racing and circuit engines in mind. In addition to the benefits of our 4340 Billet RB Series Timing Gear, this kit also features EN26 billet steel washers that sit either side of the timing gear with Nitto crank keys holding it all in place!

Each piece in the kit is hand checked and tested by a Nitto technician to ensure strict quality control.

Check out the video below to see what Jim has to say about each individual component in the kit!

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