Nitto - Nissan RB30 3.6L Wide Journal Stroker Kits

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RB30 3.6L Wide Journal Stroker Kits

Part Number Bore Stroke Material Rod Length Capacity
NIT-STK-RB309489ENWD 89MM/+0.120" 94MM Billet EN40B 152.4MM 3.6L
NIT-STK-RB309490ENWD 90MM/+140" 94MM Billet EN40B 152.4MM 3.6L


The torque monster RB30 3.6L stroker kit is now available for billet block applications ONLY. This stroker kit is only available in Wide Journal configuration due to the high power applications that these kits will be used in. Despite the increase in the stroke, the kits will still spin to 10,000RPM without issue, ensuring that your engine builders and tuners are given flexibility when choosing and developing your engine combination.

In this kit, you will receive the EN40B 94mm Wide Journal crankshaft with the Torrington bearing modification to the front journal. The rod journals have been widened by in excess of 20% from standard. The wider journal and bearing then enables the load to be dissipated over a larger area, increasing the life of the bearing and adding to the ability to produce more power. This eliminates the need for tuners to "tune to the bearing", allowing for more aggressive introduction of power without having to worry about the life of the bearing. Additionally, the Torrington bearing modification to the front counterweight eliminates Torrington Thrust bearing flex (and therefore premature wear) on areas of the crankshaft counterweight where there was previously no support.

You will have your choice of I-beam Wide Journal connecting rods, V2 I-beam connecting rods or aluminium connecting rods for the kit. Your rod choice should be determined by power and application goals. The steel connecting rods come with 7/16 ARP 2000 rod bolts as standard with the option to upgrade to ARP Custom Age 625 bolts. To complete the kit, you will be supplied with your choice of 89mm or 90mm Drag Series pistons which are cut from CP's Turbo HD forging and come with PVD coated ring sets. The pistons also feature horizontal gas ports to aid in sealing the bore even further to minimise blow by as much as possible.

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