Nitto - Nissan RB30 3.4L Wide Rod Journal Stroker Kits

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RB30 3.4L Wide Rod Journal Stroker Kits

Part Number Bore Stroke Crank Material Rod Length Capacity
NIT-STK-RB34IWD88 88MM/+0.080" 94MM EN40B 152.4MM 3.4L
NIT-STK-RB34IWD89 89MM/+0.120" 90MM 4340 & EN40B 152.4MM 3.4L
NIT-STK-RB34IWD90 90MM/+0.160" 90MM 4340& EN40B 152.4MM 3.4L



Our Wide Journal kits have become a staple item for our range and have become world renown for their performance and reliability. The 3.2L Wide Journal kit has held and continues to hold multiple world records, so the introduction of the 3.4L Wide Journal kit takes the capabilities of these kits to a new level of performance again. the 3.4L capacity can be achieved with both a 90mm and a 94mm crankshaft as seen in the table above. This kit is for billet block applications only as bores larger than 87mm are not advised for the cast RB30 Nissan block.

The most significant difference between this stroker kit and the standard connecting rod journal stroker kit is the extra width added to the connecting rod bearing journal. The journal has been widened by in excess of 20% from standard. The wider journal and bearing then enables the load to be dissipated over a larger area, increasing the life of the bearing and adding to the ability to produce more power. This eliminates the need for tuners to "tune to the bearing", allowing for more aggressive introduction of power without having to worry about the life of the bearing.

Not only does this benefit the life of the connecting rod bearing and journal on the crankshaft, it also benefits reliability via the connecting rod. In making the connecting rod bearing wider, the connecting rod itself also must be widened, and by virtue of adding more material to the big end journal of the connecting rod, increased power and reliability are among the benefits enjoyed.

The kit consists of Nitto/CP pistons, available in a variety of sizes, cut from the Turbo HD forging, PVD Turbo ring set for the ultimate sealing capabilities and, of course, the CP 9310 wrist pins. Nitto 152.4mm I-beam and V2 configuration connecting rods are both available for the stroker kits and come with ARP 2000 rod bolts as standard. The option to purchase Custom Age 625 rod bolts is also available on purchase. Finally, the Nitto RB30 3.4L 4340 wide connecting rod journal 90mm stroker crank is also included in the kit, with the option to purchase the stronger EN40B material crankshaft in the same variation.

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