Nitto - Nissan RB26 2.8L Wide Rod Journal Stroker Kit

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RB26 Wide Rod Journal Stroker Kit


Part Number Bore Stroke Material Rod Length Capacity
NIT-STK-RB26IWD865 86.5MM/+0.020" 77.7MM 4340 121.50MM 2.8L
NIT-STK-RB26IWD87 87MM/+0.040" 77.7MM 4340 121.50MM 2.8L


Given the resounding success that the RB32 Wide Journal stroker kits have proven to be, we decided to apply the same rationale to the RB26 2.8L platform in order to progress the RB26 to the next level. Much like our RB32 Wide Journal kits, these are a game changer for the RB26 market, employing a wider rod journal bearing. This wider rod journal bearing enables energy and force to be dissipated over a larger area than the standard journal size, enabling tuners to be more aggressive in their approach to power delivery to ultimately produce greater power. The connecting rod bearing has also been made larger in diameter to aid in greater strength. Additionally, we have upgraded the rod bolt size to a 7/16, making the rod wider, stronger and capable of even more reliable power and higher revs. See the fourth image for a comparison between the regular RB26 journal connecting rod against the Wide Journal connecting rod! The crankshaft itself also features a straight shot oiling system to ensure efficient oiling to the bearings.

The kit consists of Nitto/CP pistons, available in a variety of sizes, cut from the Turbo HD forging, PVD Turbo ring set for the ultimate sealing capabilities and, of course, the CP 9310 wrist pins. Nitto 121.50mm I-beam in V2 configuration connecting rods are both available for the stroker kits and come with 7/16 ARP 2000 rod bolts as standard. The option to purchase Custom Age 625 rod bolts is also available on purchase. Finally, the Nitto RB26 2.8L 4340 wide connecting rod journal stroker crank is also included in the kit.

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