Nitto - Nissan RB26/RB30 Block Brace

Options: RB26 AWD
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RB26/RB30 Block Brace

There has always been a place in the market for a quality component in the realm of RB Block Braces. Thus, we bring to you our RB26/RB30 block brace in collaboration with the team at St Hitec in New Zealand. This block brace presents a number of features that separate itself from anything else available on the market currently.

Let's start with the material it is manufactured from. The 7075 material is tough, does not deform and bend under the most strenuous of loads. It is harder and stiffer than any other material used in competing braces on the market and this in itself is enough to place this component in a league of its own. Further to this, a key element to the success of this brace is its specific focus on overcoming the difficulties associated with the RB oiling system. Incorporated into the design is the OEM style windage tray and additional mechanisms of oil control that enable you to use the standard oil pickup as well, in addition to the exclusive oil transfer system design. Check out the video below for more information!

Braces are available in clear, black and red anodising.

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