Nitto - Ford Barra V2 Connecting Rods

Options: 153.86MM
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Barra V2 Connecting Rods

Part Number Length Rod Bolts Material
153.86MM 7/16 4340
158MM 7/16 4340


Our V2 connecting rods have been developed to take the capabilities of steel rods to the next level. And they have done exactly that. Key changes have been made to our traditional I beam design to sustain higher power with greater reliability. This is not only achieved through a different I beam design, however. The V2 rods come with CHE pin bushings which are manufactured from a higher grade material than our standard I beam and H beam connecting rods, further adding to the ability of the V2 connecting rod.

The results of the features? A world record using the Ford Barra and a multitude of 7 second GTRs

Note that our destroker connecting rods are only available in V2 configuration.

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