Nitto - Ford Barra Aluminium Connecting Rods

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Barra Aluminium Connecting Rods

Once again, we have teamed up with CP Carrillo in order to create our very own design of aluminium connecting rods. Manufactured from 7000 series billet alloy enhanced by Scandium, these connecting rods are intended for applications that exceed the 3000hp mark. Aluminium connecting rods serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they are a stronger connecting rod that has the potential to withstand the demands of significantly greater power than that of their steel connecting rod brothers. Secondly, and arguably most importantly, the aluminium connecting rods are actually slightly softer than steel rods, enabling the big end bearings to have prolonged life, greater reliability and higher outputs of power and forced induction.

These alloy rods are available to suit standard stroke and destroke applications.

Features of the aluminium connecting rods:

  • Greater cross sectional strength
  • Superior bolts
  • High quality materials (7000 series and Scandium Enhanced Aluminum)
  • Arc Serration- not concentric to the bolt hole, allowing oil to escape during assembly and operation
  • Lighter design

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