Nitto - Nissan RB Flat Drive Oil Pump

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Flat Drive Oil Pump

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Note: Every single oil pump is hand assembled and tested in house!

One of our staple products is the RB oil pump. Our answer to the Achilles heel of the RB engine. Our flat drive cast oil pump has a vast array of features. Firstly, the housing itself is made from a gravity cast casting, as opposed to a die cast casting. EN26 inner and outer gear that are larger than standard size in order to guarantee strength and re designed oil galleries within the housing in order to allow for greater oil flow volume and oil pressure. It also features an aerospace grade 7075 billet backing plate and the kit comes complete with the gasket and front seal. The success of this oil pump has been well documented, with a countless number of builds featuring our pump. Not only that, but also a significant number of builds that produces well over the 1000hp mark for drag racing and street applications.

We also highly recommend the use of our extended crank collar in conjunction with the flat drive oil pump.

For the background and philosophe on the oil pump, check out this video! (skip to 7:15)

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