Nitto - Ford Barra 3.8L De-Stroker Kit

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Barra 3.8L Destroke Kits

Part Number Bore Stroke Rod Length (available in normal and V2 I-beam) Capacity
NIT-STK-BARRAI10 92.5MM/+0.010" 94.5MM 158MM 3.8L
NIT-STK-BARRAI20 92.75MM/+0.020" 94.5MM 158MM 3.8L


The Ford Barra is an underrated combination that has an incredible amount of potential when pushed to the limit. A product of Australia, this 4.0L 6 cylinder motor is capable of some special things, but its major downfall is that its large capacity limits its ability to rev enough for various racing applications. As such, we have developed the ultimate combination that finds the happy medium between the ability to rev highly and retaining a large capacity.

The Nitto 3.8L destroke kit is widely acclaimed, holding world records and is ever growing in popularity as awareness of the Barra's capabilities also grows. The kit consists of Nitto/CP pistons in either 92.5MM/+0.010" or 92.75MM/+0.020", cut from the Turbo HD forging, PVD Turbo ring set for the ultimate sealing capabilities and, of course, the CP 9310 wrist pins. Nitto 158mm I-beam and V2 configuration connecting rods are both available for the destroker kits and come with ARP 2000 rod bolts as standard. The option to purchase Custom Age 625 rod bolts is also available on purchase. Finally, the Nitto Barra 3.8L 4340 destroker crank is also included in the kit.

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