Nitto - Mitsubishi 4G63 Crankshafts

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4G63 Stroker Crankshafts

Part Number Stroke Material
NIT-CNK-4G6394E 94MM EN40B
NIT-CNK-4G63S100 100MM EN40B


The 4G63 range of crankshafts are only manufactured in the EN40B material. As proven by our RB30 range of En40B crankshafts, the EN40B is an outstanding material capable of withstanding the harshest of applications. A multitude of 4G63 builds feature our EN40B crankshafts with significant success on both the drag strip and the circuit. To take your 4G63 build to the next level, the EN40B crank is a must for any build.

All of our EN40B cranks are

  • EN40B Billet Round Bar Stock
  • Grade Tested (X-ray - Sonic)
  • Quenched and Heat Treated
  • Fully Counter Weighted
  • Nitrided
  • Balanced
  • Knife Edged (where applicable)
  • 100% CNC Profiled
  • 100% CNC Drilled and Tapped

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