Nissan SR20 Exhaust Manifold V-Band

Sale price$1,825.00


The Artec Cast SR20 manifold has been designed to accept a wide variety of turbos that use a 50 to 55mm ID on the inlet flange, These include Precision , Tial, and Garrett. The wastegate has been positioned to allow for easy routing for a plumb back or vent to air layout. The wastegate comes fully machined to accept most 44/45/46mm wastegates. The wastegate pipe is also designed to flow up to a 50mm wastegate unit, so you would simply cut our flange off and weld the bigger unit on , if required.

We use 33mm ID runner (others normally use a 36/39/42) to help keep throttle response up, as well as transitioning from the SR20 exhaust port shape to our runner over a length of 45mm to aid in flow.

The design allows for very easy oil and water line routing.

The V-band also allows you to run a straight forward facing turbo layout our pointed out to the side depending on the owners taste and turbo selection.

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