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The KnockLink G4 Digital Warning is the only self calibrating, knock warning instrument on the market. The KnockLink won a SEMA 2011 media award for best new product.

Drive with peace of mind, knowing that your engine is operating safely when using the KnockLink G4. The KnockLink will show the beginning detonation long before you hear it.

The KnockLink is designed for both street and race use.

Why choose the KnockLink over other products on the market?

The KnockLink G4 is the only device on the market that requires no setup. Other systems require time consuming gain, frequency and noise settings to be adjusted. Without proper knock listening tools, this can prove difficult if not impossible. The KnockLink requires none of this, just wire in and start the engine.

Even light detonation will damage an engine over time. The G4 KnockLink's microprocessor continuously scans the knock signal and warns for any knock occurring. The engine's RPM and load is automatically 3D profiled by the KnockLink, continuously storing and dynamically adjusting this noise profile map while looking for the particular knock frequency.

The G4 KnockLink is the only self-calibrating ignition warning instrument on the market.

Connect to either your existing unused sensor or, preferably, add an additional sensor (sold separately).


How does the new KnockLink G4 compare to the old?

The old KnockLink was admittedly crude in its operation, the displayed value was proportional to engine noise and knock could be seen as an addition to this. The new KnockLink uses advanced signal processing techniques to determine actual engine knock, normal engine noise is completely discarded.The new KnockLink is housed in an anodized black aluminum enclosure, providing sleek looks along with high durability... steps ahead of the old KnockLink.

Operation is simple. The colour of the LED represents four different modes:

  • Dim Blue - KnockLink is powered, waiting for the engine to be started
  • Flashing Blue - KnockLink has detected the engine has started and is now calibrating
  • Dim Green - KnockLink is adapting to the engine's noise profile and listening for knock
  • Flashing Red - KnockLink has detected knock. Avoid large throttle openings, seek professional advice

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