Kelford Cams - Nissan SR20 VCT Camshafts

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This Kelford Cams range of street and race track proven camshafts are for the Nissan SR20DET NVCS hydraulic lifter engines and feature low seat to seat duration producing fast spool and ultimate street / stip, track and drift performance.

Our catalogue offerings cater for a range of applications, however, if you can't find your perfect camshaft within our catalogue, designing custom profiles is our specialty, or we can manufacture a cam to your specifications.

V-188-A Camshaft Set:

  • 260/266 Degrees advertised duration, 11.80mm/11.00mm lift.
  • Street performance cams to suit small turbo upgrade.
  • High lift and low duration for great low end, and midrange power.
  • Require KVS93 valve springs.

V-188-A2 Camshaft Set:

  • 266/270 Degrees advertised duration, 11.00mm/11.00mm lift.
  • High performance “drop in” cams to suit stock valve springs.
  • Requires ECU re-tune.

V-188-B Camshaft Set:

  • 268/272 Degrees advertised duration, 12.00mm/11.50mm lift.
  • Ultimate drift spec cams featuring maximum lobe area and low duration for fast spool and lots of top end power.
  • Requires KVS93 or KVS93-BT valve springs if using over 2 bar boost.

V-188-C Camshaft Set:

  • 280/280 Degrees advertised duration, 12.50mm/12.00mm lift.
  • 280 Degree racing cams to suit street / strip engines with a large turbo. Requires KVS93 or KVS93-BT valve springs if using over 2 bar boost.

V-188-EZ Camshaft Set:

  • 254/254 Degrees advertised duration, 11.30mm/11.30mm lift.
  • Drop-in factory cam to suit factory valve springs.
  • Must retain stock rev limit and not exceed 1.5 bar of boost.

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