Kelford Cams - Mitsubishi Evo 4-7 4G63 Solid Lift Camshafts

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The Kelford Cams range of camshafts for Mitsubishi 4G63 DOHC engines are renowned worldwide for their superior results. This range is for Evo 4-7 engines. All of the camshafts in this range are ground on our Toyoda CNC masterless cam grinder to consistently deliver the highest quality product.

Due to popular demand, we now offer a range of catalogue designs to cater for 4G63 engines with a solid lifter conversion; this range is ideal for those serious motorsport applications where use of aggressive limiters for launch, shift and anti-lag may cause hydraulic lifter pump up.

We have developed a proven range of camshafts for this engine to suit most applications. However, if you can't find your perfect camshaft within our range, designing custom profiles is our specialty! Simply order the custom camshaft and provide us all the details of your build. Custom one off confidential development for race teams is available. We can also manufacture to your specifications.


4-SLX260 Camshaft Set

  • 260/264 Degree advertised duration, 10.50mm/10.50mm lift.
  • For Mitsubishi 4G63 Evolution 4-7 engines with solid lifter conversion to suit 32-40mm restrictor plate and GPA rally engines.

4-SLX272 Camshaft Set

  • 272/274 Degree advertised duration, 11.00mm/11.00mm lift.
  • Cams for Mitsubishi 4G63 Evolution 4-7 engines with solid lifter conversion.
  • This is the solid version of our mega popular TX272 design.

4-SLX282 Camshaft Set

  • 282/288 Degree advertised duration, 11.50mm/11.50mm lift.
  • Cams for Mitsubishi 4G63 Evolution 4-7 engines with solid lifter conversion.
  • High HP racing cams, suits well built time attack and drag racing engines. Ideal for motors over 700hp using E85.

4-SLX294 Camshaft Set

  • 294/300 Degree advertised duration, 12.00mm/12.00mm lift.
  • For Mitsubishi 4G63 Evolution 4-7 engines.
  • Drag Racing cams to suit extreme boost, high RPM engines that use Ethanol / Methanol and/or nitrous.

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