Kelford Cams - Ford Barra BA-FG Camshafts

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The Kelford range of camshafts for the Ford 4.0L Barra engine have been developed and tested with proven results.

These camshafts and the matching PAC Racing beehive valve springs suit mild street performance through to pro drag racing applications.

The intake 218-A and 218-B camshafts, are designed with a slight difference in lobe duration and phasing to further promote swirl and tumble for proven cylinder filling efficiency and throttle response.

218-EZ Camshaft Set

  • 262/262 Degrees advertised duration, 11.00mm/11.00mm lift.

  • EZ Power stage 1 plug and play cams to suit near stock engines. Easy on the stock spring with boost up to 2 bar

218-A Camshaft Set

  • 268/268 Degrees advertised duration, 11.50mm/11.50mm lift.

  • High performance cams that give great power gains in engines with stock FG size turbo.

  • Retains good idle tuneability and low end drivability.

  • The original Ford valve spring can be used if you retain stock RPM limit and under 1.1 bar. Past that, the KVS40-K spring set is required.

218-B Camshaft Set

  • 280/280 Degrees advertised duration, 11.88mm/11.88mm lift.

  • Racing cams to suit well built engines for competition use.

  • Suits turbo sizing and motorsport applications in the 700-1000HP range. Requires our KVS40-K valve spring kit.

218-C Camshaft Set

  • 296/296 Degrees advertised duration, 12.40mm/12.40mm lift.

  • These cams still use hydraulic lifters, and suit competition cars only.

  • Use this specification cam for engines around the 1200-1800HP range.

  • Use on fixed cam timing or mechanically limited cam advance/retard.

218-SP Camshaft Set

  • 294/302 Degrees advertised duration, 12.40mm/12.40mm lift.

  • Solid lifter pro drag racing cams to suit high RPM competition cars only. Use on fixed cam timing (not variable).

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