JR's Performance - Nissan RB26 Engine Rebuild Package

Sale price$6,068.00


Complete rebuild package to suit RB26DETT Engine


Options available:

Pistons & Rods:

  • CP Pistons - 86.5mm (+0.5mm) + Nitto H-Beam Conrods (SC7310 + NIT-ROD-RB26H)
  • Nitto/CP Pistons - 86.5mm (+0.5mm) + Nitto I-Beam Conrods (NIT-CP-RB2620 + NIT-ROD-RB26I

Head Gasket:

  • Nitto - 1.2mm DBS Drag Series (NIT-MHG-RB2612)

Head Studs:

  • ARP - 2000 Series (202-4207)

Main Bearings:

  • ACL - Race Series (7M2428H)

Big End Bearings:

  • ACL - Race Series (6B2960H

Oil Pump Gears:

  • JR's - Billet Oil Pump Gear OEM (81mm OD & 11mm Thick Outer Gear)
  • JR's - Billet Oil Pump Gear N1 (77mm OD & 11mm Thick Outer Gear)


Kit is designed using our most popular orders, Please get in contact with us if you were looking for different options.




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