JR's Performance - Nissan RB25 VCT Camshaft Package

Sale price$1,950.40


Complete camshaft package to suit RB26DETT Engine


Options available:


  • Kelford Cams 246-A (262/262 9.30mm/9.30mm lift)
  • Kelford Cams 246-A2 (262/272 9.30mm/9.35mm lift)
  • Kelford Cams 246-B (262/272 10.00mm/10.00mm lift)

Valve Springs:

  • Kelford Cams Valve Spring Set KVS25R
  • Kelford Cams Valve Spring Set KVS25R-T, Titanium Retainer and Seat Kit

Cam Gears:

  • Kelford Cams RB Adjustable Exhaust Cam Gears KCG25

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