Bosch - Knock Sensor

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The motorsport knock sensor designed for a wide frequency precision. Includes compact electronic connector & high-temperature silicone 90Deg boot to endure the high temperatures on the engine. Also included is a conversion stud to assist in fitment on Nissan & Toyota.

Type: Engine Vibration Measurement
Measurement Range: 3 to 25 kHz
Sensitivity (@5kHz): 26 ± 8mV/g
Impedance: >1MOhm
Capacitance field: 1150 ± 200 pF

Mounting Hole Diameter: 8.3mm
Supporting Sleeve: Brass
Connector Type: EV1 2Pin Jetronic
Installation Torque: 20±5Nm

KS4-P – 3 to 25 kHz


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