JR's Performance - Ford Barra Billet Oil Pump Gear

Sale price$585.00


BILLET 4340 oil pump gears for the Ford Turbo 6 engine. These gears are direct replacements for the OEM Oil Pump and measure approximately Ø89mm OD and 13.5mm thick (outer gear).

This set replaces the standard gears which are prone to failure even on light modification. The factory gears are sintered (powdered metal compressed under extreme pressure and heat) and were never designed for high horsepower or high RPM applications.

Precision machined from 4340 billet steel, JR's gears have been repeatedly proven under extremely harsh conditions. All JR's oil pump gears now go through isotropic polishing for stress-free, smooth running.

To-date, we have manufactured thousands of oil pump gears, many of them being installed in 1000+ horsepower vehicles.

Billet oil pump gears greatly reduce the chances of oil pump failure, which when fail, can cause massive amounts of damage very quickly to pistons, valves and camshafts.

So, to save on a costly engine rebuild, fit JR's Billet Oil Pump Gears. It is money well spent.

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